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Brand Planet is a brand activation agency specialising in sampling, experiential, sponsorship and branding campaigns.

We work with the largest and most famous consumer exhibitions in the UK. We have a small and highly professional team with over 60 years’ combined experience in sampling and marketing. Our Director has worked in below the line sampling and identified sponsorship opportunities for 15 years and has helped large and sometimes very new brands get noticed as part of major advertising campaigns across the board.

Our Sales Team

Have worked together for over 10 years and our sponsorship solutions team are specialists in creating new and exciting possibilities for a whole range of clients: Our motto is “Value is perception not a calculation, it is something a customer feels not something a company proves”.

We work hand in hand with our clients to create a joint method of brand awareness whether as a headline sponsor for a leading UK event or a method of sampling to exactly the right people at the right time for their campaign.


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Our Distribution Team

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At all events we have well-appointed pick up points with clear signage around the show (free show goody bag distribution point).Our liveried distribution team who have worked with us for over 10 years fully understand how to respond to the show visitors, answering any questions or queries politely and effectively, often managing big queues which at times are numbering hundreds of people waiting to collect their goody bags to take home with them as their parting gift from the show, "Leaving them with a feeling of being valued".







Our Logistical Facilities included in all costs

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We offer logistical services for all our clients including warehousing and storage (free of charge) for samples/leaflets, collation, deliveries, collection and promotional staffing.